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Magnets manufacturing Company was established in 1968 and since then MMC has grown rapidly with time and has developed different materials and technologies to make high precision magnets for various industries.

MMC has made incessant innovations in management and production technologies and has adopted many state of the art equipment in its mass production , which enables MMC to maintain superior quality and competitive prices.

Today Quality,Excellence,On-time Delivery and Competitive Pricing  are synonymous with MMC , we are a symbol of most reliable source for Hard and Soft Ferrites and recently also Rare Earth Magnets , Magnetic Assemblies and Toys  in India.

We have built the quality control system on our production process with consistent and strict execution, offering best quality with expected/optimized performance in close tolerance for your application. Before each delivery, the complex analysis is completed in our advanced laboratory. And a 100% inspection is executed on the production line to comply with the strict quality control system.

Our Products are widely used and applied in Electronic products , Home appliances , Automobiles , Motors , Dynamos ,Communication Equipments, Data Processing, Measuring Devices, Read Switches , Pumps and Health Magnets etc.

The Demand for Magnets and Soft Ferrites is ever increasing and the scope of their application keeps expanding as industries develop. With a worldwide concept in mind MMC is providing customers with superior quality products at competitive prices and has earned a good reputation at home and abroad. We still exert our utmost to meet the customers demand with innovation and quality control.

Goal :  Deliver high quality competitive products, and supply excellent service for our
global customers.

Consult our clients adding our profound technology knowledge.

Perform efficiently in order to stay our clients' preferred and truly reliable long-
term partners.

Become a market leader in the industry.
After decades in the industry, we are proud of our success in customer satisfaction.

Striving towards excellence and continuously improve product quality,
response speed, customer service and our competitiveness in the market.

Motto: Nothing is Impossible .

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